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Alt 12.01.2009, 17:07   #1
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Standard Fachjournalist gesucht with „maschinenbau“ experience in the „Pharma“ and „medical Geräte“ industries.

I work as a freelance business developer for English and French companies who market complex technical solutions and want to find new German clients.

For one of my english client, I need a „Fachjournalist“ who has experience with „maschinenbau“ issues in the „Pharma“ and „medical Geräte“ industries in Germany.

My client is an English engineer company who develop and build „maßgefertigtes Maschinenbau“ for large pharmahersteller and Medical Gerät Hersteller.

My job is to contact German prospects and keep in touch with them by using a serie of articles/Newsletter as a sales strategy to build a relationship. It is very important that these articles/Newsletter do not attempt to sell my client's services. They are to be informative and practical.

I need two different type of content : 1) One to address the needs of „Produktentwicklung Manager“ in the German pharma & medical device sector. 2) One to address the needs of „Ingenieur Abteilungsleiter oder Herstellungsleiter“ in the German pharma and medical device sector.

The information will be sent every month/2 months per Email, must be read in 5-10 minutes and could include the following content types:

-Tips, Techniques and Strategies
-Industry Insider Information
-Information from Other Sources

ok, for the one who are interested and have relevant experience, please contact me at the following address:

Mit freundlichen Grüssen aus Düsseldorf
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Alt 13.01.2009, 01:40   #2
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Standard AW: Fachjournalist gesucht with „maschinenbau“ experience in the „Pharma“ and „medical Geräte“ industries.

Ok dann mal dual schreiben:
Do you search freelancer for writing the newsletter in englisch or german?
Brauchen Sie einen Freiberuflichen Journalisten für einen Newsletter in Englisch oder Deutsch?
Also it is not so clear, cause you mixed german terms in english sentence which does not fit together.
Auch ist durch das Mischen mit der Deutschen Begriffe mit dem Englischen das ganze nicht ganz deutlich.
Also I would be interested about the payment that you will offer for that.
Mich würde die Bezahlung hierfür interessieren.

MfG/Best regards
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